Congratulations, you are expecting a baby, the most precious gift in life.

In the coming period you will need moments of serene rest and relaxation. Lovely Pregnancy offers you a musical experience that will positively influence the development and well-being of your baby. Lovely Pregnancy can become a key element in helping you relax. From three months before birth, your baby will be able to listen to music. From that moment on, we suggest you start using Lovely Baby music.

Lovely Baby Music

All Lovely Baby CDs are meant for baby's from three months before birth to four years+. Parents should offer their child a variety of Raimond Lap’s music for enjoyment and a way to easily discover a baby’s preference for certain musical styles.

The CDs can be used well beyond the suggested age range. You will notice your baby responds to certain tracks it didn’t respond to before and vice versa. Some tracks will remind your baby of earlier periods, which can have a therapeutic effect.

For example: If you start with Lovely Sleepy Baby before bedtime and Lovely Baby CD 1 during the day, and you play the same music two years from now, your child will become relaxed because he or she is subconsciously reminded of this period.

We also suggest you listen to Raimond Lap’s music together with your baby, so you are able to notice your baby’s responses and can observe which tracks stimulate and which ones relax your baby. 

Use Lovely Sleepy Baby and Lovely Sleepy Baby and the Sea as a ritual before bedtime. The music will become a part of the ‘sleep ritual’ and will provide the association of relaxation in order to fall asleep more easily.

In short

Start with: Baby Classics, Lovely Baby CD 1-4
Baby ClassicsLovely Baby CD 1Lovely Baby CD 2Lovely Baby CD 3Lovely Baby CD 4

Use Lovely Sleepy Baby and Lovely Sleepy Baby and the Sea before bedtime
Lovely Sleepy BabyLovely Sleepy Baby and the Sea

If your baby enjoys the music please carry on with:

Lovely Baby Brainpower 1-4,
Lovely Baby Brainpower 1Lovely Baby Brainpower 2Lovely Baby Brainpower 3Lovely Baby Brainpower 4

and Lovely Baby Magic 1-2
Lovely Baby Magic 1Lovely Baby Magic 2

Don’t miss these special theme CDs:

All these CDs contain a special track selection suitable for four periods:

Lovely Baby Prenatal: from three months before birth and up
Lovely Baby Prenatal
Lovely Baby Welcome : from birth and up
Lovely Baby Welcome
Lovely Baby Learn: from six months and up
Lovely Baby Learn
Lovely Baby Active: from one year and up
Lovely Baby Active
Classical music made suitable for your baby

Lovely Baby Mozart, Beethoven and Bach
Lovely Baby MozartLovely Baby BeethovenLovely Baby Bach

Lovely Baby & Daddy: specially for daddy and baby
Lovely Baby & Daddy

Lovely Baby & Mommy: specially for mummy and baby
Lovely Baby & Mommy

Baby Christmas 1-2, for a unique Christmas feeling
Baby Christmas 1Baby Christmas 2

For the entire family: Lovely Family CD 1-3,
Lovely Family CD 1Lovely Family CD 2Lovely Family CD 3

Don’t forget yourself:

Music 4 Brains 1-3
Music 4 Brains part 1Music 4 Brains part 2Music 4 Brains part 3

Sleepy Seaside Piano 1-3
Sleepy Seaside Piano 1Sleepy Seaside Piano 2Sleepy Seaside Piano 3

Wishing you much pleasure listening to my music.

Raimond Lap

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